Net Replacement Film

Net Replacement Film is a newer technology used by balers such as Krone, McHale, Goweil, Claas, Vicon, Welger, Komprima and Orkel. Net replacement film is primarily used for baling crops that are to be ensiled.

As the name suggests, net replacement film replaces net wrap to hold the round bale together, and instead several layers of solid film are applied around the bale. The advantages of this are multiple.

The first being that the film does not allow the bale to expand as it is ejected from baler and actually tends to compress the bale even more while it is applied, which in turn keeps less oxygen from entering the bale, which can cause valuable silage losses.

Secondly it provides more layers of plastic sealing on the barrel of the bale to aid in preventing oxygen permeation during handling and storage.

The third advantage is Net Replacement Film is easier to remove, as no feed can become enmeshed, which also reduces waste.

Finally recycling is also easier when you have only one type of plastic to dispose of without having net wrap and feed stuck in net wrap.

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