Moisture testers by AGRETO for hay and straw

Expert forage growers depend on the quality of the forages they bale and market to keep their operation profitable. Agreto moisture testers have been developed with this in mind and used by producers across the globe.

When harvesting forage, a lot depends on timing. The moisture of the material determines when it should be baled. If the moisture is low enough, baling can be started or continued.

Agreto testers are also a great tool for trading forages on the market whether as a buyer, ensuring that the bales are not too wet, which can cause mold or even worse heat and potential for fire. Or as a seller to provide a dependable product to attract repeat customers and avoid problems.

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Agreto HFM II 10 Inch Moisture Tester

Agreto HFM II 10 Inch Moisture Tester


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Agreto HFM II 20 Inch Moisture Tester

Agreto HFM II 20 Inch Moisture Tester


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Agreto HFM II 40 Inch Moisture Tester

Agreto HFM II 40 Inch Moisture Tester


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Agreto PFM II Baler Tester Kit

Agreto PFM II Baler Tester Kit


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The Agreto HFM II moisture tester is a fast determination device for measuring the moisture content of bales.

This is measured by inserting the probe into the bale. The display reads moisture and temperature values in real time.

The handheld probes are available in 10, 20 and 40 inch probe shaft lengths. Most popular by far is the 20 inch option, which allows user to penetrate a large square or round bale deep enough to get readings close to the core of the bale. A 10 inch is popular with hay farmers that only produce small square especially for the export of horse hay markets.

Agreto PFM II Baler Mounted Moisture Testing Kit

The Agreto PFM II baler mounted moisture tester is a fast determination device for measuring moisture content during the baling process.

The baler-mounted sensor measures the moisture content of the material in real time during the baling process, enabling the driver to react immediately.

Can be installed in round balers as well as small and large square balers.

Sensor pads have excellent wear properties and a replacement is seldom needed, but they are available to retrofit other brands that have worn down. See photos above for a wear comparison done with a wire wheel on some common pads.

Features of the Agreto Meter:

  • Robust – One continuous stainless steel lance from the tip to the end of the handle.
  • Fast – Only half a second from switching on to the first measurement result, no calibration needed.
  • Practical – Continuous display of readings for rapid moisture measurement, without pressing any keys.
  • Safe – Audible alarm if set moisture is exceeded (adjustable)
  • Durable – 5 Year Warranty
  • Reliable – Made in Austria
  • Moisture – Ousts the competition with 9-70% moisture readings.
  • Temp – Keep a eye on your hay, 32′-212’F measuring range

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