Custom Wrapping

We custom wrap hay, straw, silage and corn stalk bales

Our wrapper is an Anderson Hybrid X inline bale wrapper and we can wrap 4′ and 5′ round bales up to 67″ diameter.

We can also can wrap 3’x3′ or 3’x4′ square bales up to 6′ long.

Wrapping speed is around 1 bale per minute.

Our rates depend on bale size and type. For example, we charge $8 for a 4′ wide haylage round bale.

Making Quality Baleage

  • Grow good quality forage
  • Cut hay at start of flowering
  • Wilt hay for a day or until at desired moisture 45-65%
  • Make high density bales
  • Call us to wrap your hay
  • Allow to ferment 5 weeks before feeding
  • Livestock will eat it like candy

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