Tire Sidewalls

Tire Sidewalls are an excellent choice for weighting down silage covers. Benefits include easier handling, cleaner use no dirty water splashing back at you as with regular tires and stackable for storage to save space.

Sidewalls are best laid in a tight pattern to prevent air movement between the sidewalls under the silage cover. With an open face on the pile this air movement allows oxygen to move around sidewalls towards the back of pile reducing effectiveness of protecting your forage and increases losses.

To calculate how much sidewalls are needed to cover a pile; take your total square footage and divide it by 8 (each tire does roughly 8sqft). For an example a 50’x100′ pile is 5000sqft. 5000/8=625 Sidewalls required.

We currently have Radial sidewalls (steel wire ply) on hand. We offer direct shipping for semi loads or smaller amounts are available for pickup or delivery from our yard. Bias ply sidewalls (nylon ply) are also available. Sidewalls come banded 30 in a bundle. One sidewall weighs around 24lbs.

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